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New UK Casino is a blog website for everybody that wants to find the best and latest new UK casinos on the market. Whatever you are looking for in forms of casino bonuses, spins, cash back or a good VIP club – this is the place to be.

New Casino Sites – What to look for!

It is hard to deny that online and mobile casinos and gambling are getting increasingly popular. Juniper Research reported that by 2018 there will be 62 billion dollars, a little under 40 billion GBP, spent in wagers worldwide – which is an enormous figure.
The UK is at the forefront of the online gambling world. The brands and casinos that were and are created in the UK have spread worldwide, and have even gained enormous traction in the infamous gambling states of Delaware and Nevada. The good news is that there is, even more, to enjoy in terms of casinos, technology and gambling software. The number of apps and new casinos and platforms increases daily.

Online casinos have reached major feats. You will notice that most new UK casinos and online casinos in most other countries as well, have a dedicated mobile section or mobile app from which you are able to access the casino and your account. There are slots, live action and sports games (among many others) that have gotten friendlier and friendlier, on the mobile side of things.
One thing to look out for in terms of new UK casinos is online lotteries. There are not much in the way of competition in the world of online/mobile lotteries. This addition to new UK casinos product offerings may be a great way to help differentiate themselves from competitors as the number of new casinos and brands is expected to continue to increase exponentially over the next 5 years.

A huge growth in new online casinos in 2018!

To put it into some more context, in 2017 alone there were copious amounts of new UK casinos etc that entered the market. This growth is not expected to slow down in 2018. Some new UK casinos that made their debut online in 2017 will be listed here for you to enjoy!

These new casinos are among many that have seen some great successes already. They are expected to continue to gain traction in 2018. These online establishments, as well as those expected to debut in 2018, are exciting for new and experienced gamblers for a number of reasons. Firstly, more casinos mean more competition – which means new UK casinos will be looking for ways to stand out and get players to play on their sites. This, in turn, means increasingly attractive and appealing welcome bonuses and player incentives.

In addition, more casinos mean that software developers (like NetEnt) will have incentives to create new games and to improve player favourites. Players will have new slots and will see amazing updates to those that they play regularly with. Some people do prefer classic casino games in 2018 when they looking for a new casino with a bonus. Another benefit to the increasing number of online casinos means more mobile capability, with more advancements on the technology side of things when it comes to the products that will be available on mobile sites and dedicated apps. That’s why players have lots to look forward to when it comes to new UK casinos!

new uk casino 2018

New Casinos Practically Every Day

If you are privy to the online casino world, you may feel like there’s a new casino popping up damn near every day. Well, my friend, that’s because there is! New Casinos are literally being created every single day, and unsuccessful casinos are disappearing just as fast, this the circle of life friends.

The online casino industry has barely broken the surface of what it can do and how big it can grow. Many countries currently outlaw online casino platforms but that is slowly changing as more and more countries are beginning to loosen their restrictions thus expanding the market of potential players and product developers.

With the rapid expansion of online casino gaming around the world, there are great advancements being made in gameplay and usability from developers that are truly dedicated to their craft and the user experience. However, as with any flood, both the good and the bad come through the gates and there are without a doubt some companies emerging that are only interested in making money at the players’ expense. You do not want to fall victim to these predatory new casinos that seem legit but in reality couldn’t be more illegitimate. Therefore we recommend sites as CasinoViking to find a trustworthy and licensed new casino in the UK. For the latest additions, there are also other great sites. Check out our blog that constantly gives you the most up to date information with new online casinos from the United Kingdom.

How To Avoid Predatory New Casinos

If you don’t want to fall victim to some of these predatory shell sites then you must invest some time in protecting yourself. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when considering playing with a new casino.

What are the other players saying about this casino?

Do your homework and read the reviews. Players never hesitate to share their horror stories and if you take a few moments to look into these reviews you might be able to save yourself from the same fate.

Is there any red flag when you google search the company?

Sometimes terrible casinos come back as a new casino when all they’ve done is change their name and look but they’re still the same immoral wankers they were previously.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

If you come across a once in a lifetime bonus offer unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, well more than likely it’s a load of BS. Don’t fall victim to the shiny bonuses! Do your research and believe that if it seems too good to be true, it isn’t.

Don’t let these warnings scare you, but allow them to make you aware. The truth is there are a ton of amazing casinos out there, enough to keep even the most avid online casino player constantly discovering new exciting and legitimate platforms. We just don’t want to see a player taken for fools when there are so many amazing and authentic gaming platforms around. One more website where you can find tons of information about new casino 2018 is Especially in the UK, it is a lot of things to think about in 2018. For example, make sure to read the bonus policies and terms and conditions before you collect your bonus.

Now stay calm, play on, and do your research!

What are the casino-trends for 2019

Casino-trends for 2019 – What to expect?

There are several trends that can be noted right before 2018 is coming to an end, and below we tell you some of the most common things that we and several experts, believe will continue going forward and also stuff that we will see on the horizon.

Even more gamefication

A trend that began about three years ago with online-casinos such as Casumo then continued during 2016 with, among other things casinos like; Rizk, Kaboo and Ikibu. Gamification is a trend that’s expected to explode for real during 2019. New casino sites try to change up the rewards systems and loyal players get awesome bonuses using the evolution of gamefication. It’s getting more exciting to play at new-casinos 2018; mostly with the help of this new trend – often in the form of spins, bonuses and the like. It may also involve missions, challenges and various competitions that will make you both motivated, happy and enthusiastic.

Exactly how innovative and different gamefication it will become in 2019 compared to 2018 is still hard to predict; but as long as it’s fun and new – it will appeal to many people.


Bigger focus on Live Casino

A new trend initiated fully in 2018, was more and better live casinos. Several new developers are launching live casino-offers and more are on the rise. The goal here seems to be giving casino players a similar environment that can be perceived, for example; when visiting a land based casino.

The future is mobile

Developments during the next year are likely to be that more and more live games are being offered on mobile devices, which wasn’t optimal back in the day. While Evolution-Gaming will probably and hopefully continue the trend of being the most innovative; when it comes to live casino during 2019, NetEnt will probably also be one of the biggest contributors!

Fewer spins, more  frequent promotions

New online casinos launched in 2019 will  offer, better and greater bonuses to attract new players. As it seams, there will be ever-increase in general welcome bonuses; but probably also fewer sites that releases spins upon registration. One of the biggest changes however, is that more bonuses will be recurring, such as a special bonus every Wednesday or spins every Friday. Increasing bonuses and promotions will last for a shorter period of time, so it’s important to act quickly to get their bonus. We also think that different types of offers like with travel-vouchers and other attractive prices will be a lot more common during 2018 than in previous years. Also, the sheer size of bonuses, cashback and re-load offers will also get bigger, perhaps with higher turnover requirements for some over seas players, and also more bonuses.

Sports Betting

Several kinds of sports are being played all around the world. However, the outcome of each of these matches is always unpredictable until the last moment. Just for fun people who watch these events place a wager on their outcome. These people predict the results in support of their favourite team or side. This is called sports betting.
This has been in vogue since the start of these different kinds of sports have ever existed. So you have to bet for football, basketball, boxing, horse riding and so on. With the advent of the internet, this sports betting has gone online too. This has become more popular than the traditional way of betting. There are many advantages of online sports betting.


The online betting is convenient. You can do so from the comfort of your home or from anywhere from your phone. Being present in person at a booking site or betting site to wager for any sport is not a necessity. You save time and effort when you can bet online.
Also, you will be able to bet even if you came to know about the match at the eleventh hour. You just log in to the betting site and wager for your side or player, and it is done. Then you wait for the result. In case you won the bet your prize amount will be transferred to your account soon.

sports betting

Safe and secure

Those who are used to traditional feel that online betting sites are not secure and it is not safe to use this mode. Their fear is not misplaced. It is safe and secure but you need to check the sites you are using to bet.

However, there may be some scammers who wish to make some easy bucks may resort to creating some fraud sites. They usually are not licensed and do so illegally just to rob the gullible of their money. You need to be careful about where you are investing and also find out if the site is genuine. It is safe and secure to bet from official websites.


Another advantage of online betting is you can register with several sites at one time. Different kinds of sports hold their tournaments at the same time. On one side you have a football match and on the other some horse riding event. Betting online you can do so for both and many other too but in person, you can be present only on one. So you get to bet on variety of sports at the same time
Also, some bookies may not be covering all the kinds of games then you need to go to different people for different sports. When you use the online mode, you do not have to worry about the variety. Another great way to expeience betting if you are not into sports is online casinos. One of our favourite blogs about this topic is Be sure to visit them if you are looking for more news about new online casinos.

Bonus and perks

When you bet online generally on registration most of the online betting sites will offer a reward. You can use this money transferred to your account for your betting. Also, time and again some perks are proffered to the regular bettors on the site. Also, some places may give away rewards based on the wagering activity.
Many a time competitions and draws are held. If you win these, you can earn some extra cash too. As a reward many a time you may be offered tickets to some sports events. This is usually done to ensure that the person provides his or her loyalty to the site.
There are thousands of sites which the bettors can use to bet online. A lot of people are taking advantage of these and are gaining a lot of money too. Why not try your luck.

Valley of the Gods – A great slot for 2018

If you think of Egypt, Pharaohs and the Ancient Times; what is the first thing that comes up in your head? Horror movies with mummies chasing adventurers and grave robbers through dark tombs. In Valley of the Gods from Yggdrasil you get a little bit of all of this Here you will find a mysterious slot with enough excitement to make you feel the right atmosphere.

Valley of the Gods in 2018

Before you get acquainted with the game screen, you will see a very nice introductory clip. This may in fact be the absolute coolest thing we have ever seen in a slot. Not even NetEnt’s cinematic intro clips to the Universal Monsters series, such as Dracula, can top what Yggdrasil’s designers have created here.

After the intro clip, which actually introduces two of the game’s main features, you’ll come to the game screen. Here’s Anubis to the left and Horus to the right side of the wheels. The screen consists of five reels and five lines, giving a total of 25 positions – so this is a slot of a larger size. The positions are covered by scarabs (a beetle) and partly by hieroglyphic symbols.valley 2018

Stakes and winnings

After reading this, you may have already tried the demo game. To make things even more interesting; there is a competition going on for Valley of the Gods 2018 with a 10.000 euro win! In that case, you have already familiarized yourself with the input features. If not, we can tell you that it’s a very easy thing to choose a what kind of stake you like in the Valley of the Gods. You just have to choose a coin value! You always have 25 credits in play with, and by turning the coin value you can adjust the bet to between 1-100 Euro.

Up to 3125 winning combinations

But, there are no lines over the wheels? No, Yggdrasil has instead used an “all pays” feature. Each combination from left to right containing at least three equal symbols gives a profit. From the start, you have 45 ways to win, but as you open up more positions on the reels, your profit routes will be more. At most, you can unlock 3125 ways to win.

The maximum winning amount in the game is 580,000 coins! A full screen with the best paying icon with the maximum multiplier gives you this win. That this will happen is more or less impossible, though – but the actual size of the maximum win shows that there are monstrous wins for you to pick home in this game. The re-payment over time (RTP) is 96.20% and volatility is slightly higher than regular. Yggdrasil themselves presents the risk as 67/100.

Rizk, Casumo, Jackpot City – Some Great Casinos!

From Rizk to Kaboo. Here are some great new casinos 2018 for you to check out and try in November!


Rizk was released early last year and directly won over the hearts of players and critics. Never has a onlinecasino had such a killer launch. The pressure on Rizk was huge and the onlinecasino have grown big in no time at all. The big success is mostly credited to Rizk’s focus on the players and over all user-friendliness. When signing up, the players receive a very generous bonus, and the possibility to spin the famous Wheel of Rizk!


Ruby Fortune Casino

Since 2003, Ruby Fortune Casino has maintained players around the world. Why is it still one of the most popular casinos available? When Ruby Fortune was launched; it could guarantee four very important things; namely  a casino that is fair, simple, safe and entertaining.


JackpotCity is an online casino established in 1998 and based on the Microgaming gaming platform. The casino is operated by Digimedia Ltd and is registered under the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. Because JackpotCity is a part of Digimedia Ltd, you cab can expect similar services at Riverbelle.


This is the casino who dared to create something new in an industry where most of the casinos looked quite similar. Casumo is characterized by its new stylish design; and award winning casino adventure where you get bonuses, free spins 2018; and sometimes fun surprises while playing your casino favorites. A real powerhouse; that has been an obvious place for playing online.


Kaboo is a casino page that in many ways feels like a game itself. The page reminds a little more about sites that follow up on the a player’s development; if you compare it to a traditional casino page. The site is loaded very quickly and easily; and it is designed to work just as well on your computer as on your mobile and tablet. When you enter the homepage, you can see directly that this is a casino a bit different from it’s competitors. The login page’s background is adorned by a picture of a sword-bearing man in a black hood. The tones go in black, white and blue, and the page presents a form of mystical feeling; that you usually only find in some of today’s most well-produced and lavish TV and computer games.

Some Great Mobile Casinos for Autumn 2017


CasinoLuck has been running since 1999, and re:launched in January 2011 with updated software and design. They strive to be one of the best online gaming sites on the market (who doesn’t), by offering a great gaming experience and awesome customer support. CasinoLuck is owned by Minotauro Media Ltd and has its gaming license in Curacao. When you first enter the game page; you’ll will be met with a stylish and vibrant design that goes in black and green. You are instantly looking at what is going on at the online casino, and what bonuses and promotions you can participate in.

Play Club

Visit the Play Club and dive in to a serious but entertaining atmosphere. Here you have functionality working with design, and ease of use. As a player you can quickly and easily access the site. At Play Club you will find a satisfying range of market-leading casino-games with the main focus on slot machines. Here are the world-leading gaming providers NetEnt and Microgaming that provide the online casino with its gaming offerings, and for players who prefer a more reality-based gaming, there’s also an innovative live casino!

Come On! has quite a bit on offer, but the casino was relatively recently available only through the computer. Nowadays, however, you have access to a really wide range of popular casino games, even via your phone or tablet. ComeOn headquarters are located in Malta and the casino holds an EU license issued by the Maltese regulatory authority LGA. ComeOn constantly adds new games to the casino but currently you will find hundreds of online games like slots, videoslots, classic slot machines, scratch cards and bingo games, as well as other unique casino games. In addition, you will find several variants of VideoPoker, Roulette and Blackjack along with ticking, progressive jackpotts.


Thrills is a completely brand new network and mobile casino, that at first glance is likely to be a strong competitor against sites such as Leo Vegas and Casumo. The game-range here is wide and there are options from a variety of game developers. The people behind Thrills also have long experience in the gaming industry, which guarantees a well-run business right from the start. The casino is run through the largely Swedish-owned company Betit Operations Ltd, which is based and licensed in Malta.

Top UK Online Casino 2017

Want to try your luck and win big at a real UK online casino? But maby you don’t know on which casino to begin? You don’t have to worry; because we’ll guide you in the right direction!

Are you looking for a good UK Online Casino to test your luck? Then you have come to the right place! We offer the most detailed casino info on the net; so sit back and let us guide you through UK’s most popular online casino platforms – the sites that deliver the best gaming experiences, the most generous bonuses and regular promotions!

UK online casino

How do we Review UK’s best Online Casinos?

UK gambling online has gotten very popular lately and is growing incredibly quickly. Because of that, many popular online casino sites have started to notice the UK market. This in turn leads to a huge increase in casino platforms. A wide selection of online casinos have created great confusion among online players and creates many issues.

How do you find a casino-platform that suits you well? How do you distinguish a good online casino with real money games, from a bad one? Which site is best to play slot machines? Which site has most players?

On this page our goal is to weight in all these factors, and compile a list of features on top game sites presented in a clear format. The online casino platforms that will enter our top 10 list have all met the highest standards set by our experts.

UK Online Casino – things to keep an eye on

We have considered all of these factors and the goal is to compile a list of features that characterize the best sites in a handy overview. Online casino platforms that end up on our Top 10 list meet our high standards and the criteria our experts have put forward.
We will examine UK’s best online casinos. We like to go straight on and keep things simple. So you get access to a list of the best casinos based on simple criteria such as:

• What kind of bonus you prefer.
• Software platforms you like.
• Support for UK payment methods.
• Compatibility with your choice of mobile platform.
• Slots that you like to play.

UK online casinos are for all UK players looking for the best online casinos to play. Our evaluation is made by a group of experts who have a lot of industry experience. The experts are not associated with any of these online casino sites in any way, and all reviews are impartial.


New UK Casinos

Casinos All Over

The market for online gaming is constantly developing, and new casinos are “popping” up all over the net – all the time! We see plethora of new Casinos in the UK market as well as around Europe. Fantasino is one of these new casinos during 2017, and this casino is really a good example of this.

“Fantasino contribute to online casino games at a completely new level” – says the new casino’s founder Markus Jalmerot.  Fantasino tries, as the name might suggest – to combine fantasy and casino; where the player controls the adventure, and can get really personal based on their own preferences and wishes. “Fantasinos goal is that all gambling should be like a video game,” said Andres Blanco, one of the co-founders of Fantasino. He continues: “The company wants to create a new concept for online casinos. The team has always been a big fan of video games, and everything around “gamefication”so Fantasino hired  developers and designers who helped create this idea.”

Personal Casinos

There are a number of unique symbols that can be used to make the character in the game (Trebol) more personal. The symbols then are the virtual currency in this fantasy world. The symbols used for the purchase of different gadgets and the like for players who like to try out the new Casino. They can be used on some missions, for instance, to take a shortcut. Occasionally, there will also be stuff for sale that includes casino benefits, like Spins or at higher levels; you can buy a special shield that protect against losses. The shop update products depending on the season, preferences among the players and there are also secret items for the most loyal users.

This is something we see more and more in new casinos online, the manufacturers want to try new things, so they fish for new costumers in the most original ways – it’s a very competitive market.

“Just by looking at the website (Fantasino), you can see that the site offers a very unique concept. Amazing 3D characters, a beautiful site and a whole new dimension of gamification. Almost all new online casinos offer the same casino games and almost the same bonuses. The conclusion? They are very are similar. We wanted to create something that no one has, and do a full game in the site itself, “concludes Andres Blanco.

The future looks bright indeed for online casinos both in the UK, and around the world! Be sure to stay right here at New UK Casino for the latest news!

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