Mobile Casinos

Many people believe, and rightfully so, that mobile casinos and mobile sports betting platforms are the future of “online” gaming and gambling. The increase and movement towards users’ mobile preference has prompted developers and operators to increasingly move to mobile as well. This contribute to gaining more players almost 24/7 as they are able to access these outlets no matter where they are or what they are doing. Even within the next year, UK casinos in 2018 are expected to jump on this opportunity.

New mobile casinos 2018

mobile casinos ukIn addition to the enhanced reach, many operators are able to help add a level of customization or personalization to their offerings to help enhance users’ overall experience on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices as they emerge.
UK casinos in 2018 and other virtual gambling halls that enter the mobile world will aim to make their mobile platforms parallel in style, colour and theme than those of their actual desktop or online casino/site. In addition, though there may be aesthetic and similarities in appearance, the user experience may differ on a mobile application versus the desktop version of an online casino 2018 (etc). Duplicating the feel of the standard version continues to pose a challenge for new casino operators in 2018. The characteristics must help players remember and associate the mobile app with the online casino. Essentially, it is important to create a brand as this will help with recognition and loyalty in the longer term.

Some of the differences between the two are that mobile applications are designed to be used with a certain software (i.e. Apple vs Android) and often require downloads. Mobile applications also use push and other notifications to interact with users and manage user preferences, usage and activity. These push notifications help control the overall experience. In addition, mobile casinos are more interactive, offering more opportunity to engage and connect with players and users, which can be an opportunity or a hindrance for operators, depending on how they act on this element. Finally, one other major difference is – evidently – the size of devices being used; developers are being challenged to create longtime favourites in smaller sizes without glitches or playability issues.

As mobile casinos take the forefront of the future of online gambling, we can expect to see an increase in the number of mobile casinos as well as an increase in the number and amount of offerings by each one. Further, there will be more features and incentives within these mobile casinos as mobile casinos fight for new users in a very competitive landscape.

A lot more is coming!

It is worth noting that over 80% of grown adults owns at least one mobile device, with many owning two or more. This presents an enormous opportunity for new UK casinos. The potential for success is great and this demographic may even be arguably easier to interact and connect with. It is estimated that mobile gambling is expected to represent over 40% of the entire online gambling market as numbers of users and operators increase at an impressive rate.

With these figures and this growth in mind, it sure is hard to argue that mobile gambling isn’t the future of online gambling. There is potential, opportunity and growth that should make online casino and sportsbook operators jump for joy.