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The market for online gaming is constantly developing, and new casinos are “popping” up all over the net – all the time! We see plethora of new Casinos in the UK market as well as around Europe. Fantasino is one of these new casinos during 2017, and this casino is really a good example of this.

“Fantasino contribute to online casino games at a completely new level” – says the new casino’s founder Markus Jalmerot.¬† Fantasino tries, as the name might suggest – to combine fantasy and casino; where the player controls the adventure, and can get really personal based on their own preferences and wishes. “Fantasinos goal is that all gambling should be like a video game,” said Andres Blanco, one of the co-founders of Fantasino. He continues: “The company wants to create a new concept for online casinos. The team has always been a big fan of video games, and everything around “gamefication”so Fantasino hired ¬†developers and designers who helped create this idea.”

Personal Casinos

There are a number of unique symbols that can be used to make the character in the game (Trebol) more personal. The symbols then are the virtual currency in this fantasy world. The symbols used for the purchase of different gadgets and the like for players who like to try out the new Casino. They can be used on some missions, for instance, to take a shortcut. Occasionally, there will also be stuff for sale that includes casino benefits, like Spins or at higher levels; you can buy a special shield that protect against losses. The shop update products depending on the season, preferences among the players and there are also secret items for the most loyal users.

This is something we see more and more in new casinos online, the manufacturers want to try new things, so they fish for new costumers in the most original ways – it’s a very competitive market.

“Just by looking at the website (Fantasino), you can see that the site offers a very unique concept. Amazing 3D characters, a beautiful site and a whole new dimension of gamification. Almost all new online casinos offer the same casino games and almost the same bonuses. The conclusion? They are very are similar. We wanted to create something that no one has, and do a full game in the site itself, “concludes Andres Blanco.

The future looks bright indeed for online casinos both in the UK, and around the world! Be sure to stay right here at New UK Casino for the latest news!